Piano and Keyboard Tutition

What will I be learning?

These days pupils have many different expectations when they start learning an instrument. Some are learning purely for pleasure and relaxation; others are keen to take exams and gain certificates. Some want to learn popular music; others prefer classical. Before starting lessons I meet with every new student to discuss his/her aims and ensure that we find a method of tuition that meets that student's requirements.

I teach students of all ages from 5 upwards, including a high proportion of adults.

Where are lessons held and what does it cost?

Lessons are held at my home. I teach piano on a Yamaha Clavinova and keyboard on a Yamaha PSR. Parents are welcome to sit in on the lesson (this is encouraged for very young children) or wait in the house.

The fee is £12 for half an hour or £8 for 20 minutes. Fees are either paid monthly in advance or weekly at the lesson. You will probably need to buy a tutor book as well which will cost between £5 and £15. This usually lasts the best part of a year.

What's the first step?

If you are interested in learning more, please call me on 02381 847015