'My wife and I started learning keyboard together at a music school in a group and found progress very slow. Since joining with Liz we have never looked back as she tailors the pieces according to our specific needs and monitors progress carefully'.

- Alan, Camberley

'Learning the piano with Liz is fun and inspiring'.

- Brook, aged 15

'I started lessons with Liz in November 2009. I told her that I have become interested in learning to play keyboard since my wife had been moved into a care home. I wanted to learn to play for my own enjoyment and to become proficient in reading and understanding music.

'We got off to a good start as I was easily able to follow her instructions. she explained things very clearly and had the patience to encourage my progress. What I particularly like about her teaching methods is her ability to explain about scales, chords and timing in a way that is easy to understand. She is also very good at answering numerous questions that I ask when I come across things that I don't fully understand'.

- R J Erratt, retired